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The Officers of the Toccoa Lions Club

2013 Tocoa Lions Officers

    The induction ceremony for new Lions typically begins with a brief history of the International Association of Lions Clubs followed by a short history of our local club history and activities. The following oath is then administered:
     “Since you have expressed a desire to affiliate with this club and with Lions Clubs International, I now ask that you respond to my words with a simple ‘I do’ or ‘I will.’
     “Do you hereby accept membership in the Toccoa Lions Club knowing that such membership obligates you to participate in all functions of the club?”
     “To the best of your ability, will you abide by the Lions Code of Ethics, attend meetings regularly, accept such assignments as are given you and contribute your share to the programs of your club, district, and Lions Club International?”
     “You are now a member of the Toccoa Lions Club. Your sponsor will now present to you the Lions emblem pin which signifies this membership.” “Will you fulfill the following obligations:


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