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Dear New Lion Member:

Welcome to membership with 1.3 million Lions. Lions is one of the most service oriented organizations in the world. The motto "We Serve" means just that.  As such we work to fund Lions charitable and community projects.  As a service rather than fraternal organization we are non-political and non-sectarian.  We work for the good of the community and those in need regardless of who they are.  Our heart lies most with those who cannot provide for themselves.

You, the member, are the focal point of our Club.  The Club is only as effective and successful as its members make it. All fundraising and volunteer work is the result of the fact that fellow Lions are willing to donate their time and talent on behalf of others.  Given that standard there is no greater honor than to be offered membership in the Lions Club.  As a member it is a great privilege to propose a person for membership, as that person should represent the high ideals of Lionism.  New Lions are the result of a current Lion's willingness to recommend that person as a good candidate for Lions membership.  It is the duty of all Lions to seek out quality persons to become new Lions.

The Toccoa Lions Club raises funds through serving events and other donation collections such as White Cane Day.  This means that a member of the Club will be expected to volunteer time and talent to as many such projects as is possible for the member.  All funds raised by the Club from the public, by the International Constitution, must be given back to the community in donations.  In addition to fundraising, members are expected to the extent possible to volunteer for Club sponsored community service projects.

Welcome to the Toccoa Lions Club. We invite you to get involved and make use of its opportunities.  Use your club's web site to keep current at
Sincerely Membership Chair,
Toccoa Lions

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