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The Georgia Lions Club Camp For The Blind

georgia lions camp for the blindThe Georgia Lions, thanks to former President Jimmy Carter, own and operate a camp in Waycross, GA  for people who are visually impaired. Their main sessions are during the summer months when children are encouraged to attend.  The cost to the campers is not free, however.  The camp is operated and dependant on donations from anyone who wishes to do so. The cost per session, per camper is a lot higher than the amount asked for from the parents which is $250.00.  Most of these children come from low income families who cannot meet this requirement.   Thus the program  Send A Kid To Camp was stared to allow these to come and enjoy the experience.
At the GA Lions Camp for the Blind, these kids learn that they can enjoy life to the fullest.  The Camp offers such things as horseback riding, fishing, arts and crafts, wall climbing, and a rope course among a few of other things they learn.  The counselors are often former campers themselves so they completely understand the challenges these kids face. 
 The bunk house at the camp
Further information can be obtained at their website:, or email them at:,  or  calling toll free at 888-297-1775  or 912-283-4320.  The Director of the Camp is Kristen Picus  at 5626 Laura Walker Road, Waycross, GA 31088.  If we Toccoa Lions know of a youngster or two, who would benefit from a camp experience, we could help by donating $250.00/camper and sponsor them.  Lion Kay Royal was instrumental in sending such a camper from Toccoa in past years.  
The stables at the campLion Ruth Payton is Associate Director for the Camp, representing Toccoa Lions Club.  She is asking you to participate either as a club or individually by sending your donation either to her or directly to the Camp, earmarked for Send  A Kid to Camp. Though $250.00 would be nice, any amount would be very helpful. Remember, September is SEND A KID TO CAMP month.

You can mail your check or money order to:

Georgia Lions' Camp for the Blind, Inc.
5626 Laura Walker Road
Waycross, GA 31503-6488

Please mark your designation for the donation so that we might credit the appropriate account and send the names and addresses of the individuals who are to receive an acknowledgement letter. The Georgia Lions' Camp for the Blind, Inc. is a 501(C)3 Non-profit Organization. Gifts are tax deductible.




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